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Thread: 4x4 insurance

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    4x4 insurance

    Wondering if any of you have checked if your insurance covers you for being of the main highway eg forest roads durt tracks feilds.
    Just asking as some of the lads in the have had there insurance canceld when the were enquiring about going off road in there 4x4s.The insurance companes canceld there insurance over the phone a gave them 7 days to get a new insurance.
    Aparantley some of the insurers only cover you on the main roads even if it is a 4x4.
    So it might be worth checking you insurance.


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    I did specifically check and they were fine as long as I was carrying out 4x4ing as an activity. I made it clear I go onto moorland shooting and across fields etc to feeders and they were fine.

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    My Discovery is a company car, so I checked and double checked with our insurer AND the leasing company that actually taking my car off-road wasn't going to be a problem ....and then got them both to confirm it in writing so that there wasn't any subsequent 'misunderstanding'. Defo worth checking - you don't want to find out that they weasel out on a technicality AFTER you've managed to slide your car into a drystone wall/tree stump/whatever!!

    As it turns out, my car is usually the muddiest in the car-park.......

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