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Thread: East D&G DMG now established & inviting new members

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    East D&G DMG now established & inviting new members

    East Dumfries and Galloway Deer Management Group (East D&G DMG) is a new deer group who are based in the East of the South West of Scotland. The group is now inviting members from the deer community who can be deer stalkers, deer stalkers with grounds in the region, land owners, land managers, representatives of forestry companies or other bodies including local authorities.
    As with other deer groups above us in the central belt the group is a member of LDNS (Lowland Deer Network Scotland) and the aims group are to:

    - promote a collaborative approach to the sustainable management of wild deer in the East of Dumfries and Galloway
    - assist those with responsibilities to manage wild deer by providing support, sponsored training and host events to raise awareness of key issues
    - educate the wider public who may enjoy the experience of seeing deer but do not understand deer management
    - offer a high standard of professional services relating to deer management to reduce damage and the potential risks to crops, habitat and public safety
    - offer valid current industry standard liability insurance to 10m as part of our membership package and act as ‘mentors’ to new stalkers
    - offer discounted training for DSC1/2, First Aid and Manual Handling with other key certification for our members
    - offer skills workshops covering tendering, high seat awareness and building days, risk assessment and creating documents for syndicates and leases

    So if you’re a deer stalker in the region whether a resident or visitor and would like benefit from and be part of East D&G DMG then get in touch or use the form below to become a member. Standard membership is 40 with junior membership from just 10 with all members receiving SACS insurance with their 10m standard liability cover.
    The group’s information including constitution and applcation form is being hosted below until dedicated hosting space is sorted. PM or get in touch using the details below, atb


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    As per our discussion, yes that sounds interesting

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    Sounds very interesting with a good list of aims. I stalk outside the red area and wonder whether you still accept member from outside the region or if you could give details of the group covering to the east of you, if you think I'd be better within that group?

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    yes, we will accept members from out of our territory and they get the same benefits and discounts on events and arranged training, cheers


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    Paul I wish you well with this .Interesting boundary Paul have you got a reason it is the way it is.

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    existing deer groups to our east and other sws groups to our west will manage the rest of the region.
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    Why does it not go further east? Is there groups in there as well? By look of it M74 is boundry so all FC and other forestry ground to east is not included, never mind all of tweedsmuir and into castle o'er/eskdalemuir/ettrikc area

    The strip of ground is only about 20mile wide by 60mile long. But i would imagine the first 30mile will have very few stalkers, and until moffat prob 50+% of ground is owned by private estates that don't really rent stalking out.
    Is there enough stalkers in the area to make it vaible?

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    Sounds interesting Paul, I'll be intouch.
    Cheers Pete.

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