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Thread: Moderator advice for 30.06 - Wildcat, ASE, A-Tec

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    Moderator advice for 30.06 - Wildcat, ASE, A-Tec

    I'm hoping for a few words of wisdom for a newbee to the large calibre scene.

    I am on the brink of purchasing my 30-06 and asked for advice from RFDs as to what mod; what I have been offered is as follows:

    Wildcat Compact
    ASE Northstar / (Ultra) SL5
    A-Tec Maxim

    All priced roughly the same: £200-250

    Any advice?



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    I've got the SL5 on my new rifle, also a 30-06, I wasn't sure about going for a muzzle-mounted mod having always used some sort of reflex mod before, but so far I'm pleased with it.
    It reduces flash and report just fine, it's also pretty dead in that it doesn't ring during firing or when struck by finger nail or twig so it doesn't need a sock.
    I'm sure you'll find fans and detractors for all 3 models you've listed, but based on personal experience I can recommend the SL5.
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    I have two x AU-SL5 in .30 cal and I'm very pleased with them. Regards JCS

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    I have always used the T8 on my 270 but decided to get a muzzle mounted mod for my 30-06. Got the ase ultra sl5 and im very pleased with it .......scott

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post
    I have two x AU-SL5 in .30 cal and I'm very pleased with them. Regards JCS
    I got them both from Alex Dalgleish in Eaglesham. Regards JCS

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    I wouldnt even go near a wildcat just cross it off your list stupid heavy and i feel its not that great at suppression

    ive got a SL5 on a .308 and its very good i also dont notice its on there in terms of ballance

    i would go SL5 which is perfectley good at suppression or SL7 if you want max suppression on a 30 06 if you go aluminium you will suffer gas cutting very quickly so your mod bacones a consumable

    All food for thaught

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    hi I have the a-tec on my 30/06 no problems with it and a nice weight also have one on my 6.5/55

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    I've used ASE and Atec. If you want a solid and very sturdy moderator and don't mind it being a little heavier then go with the ASE. If you want a light moderator but not quite as bombproof (still perfectly acceptable and good quality) then go with Atec.

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    Is the SL5 moderator made of alloy or steel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadex View Post
    Is the SL5 moderator made of alloy or steel?
    Steel I think. Come to think about it there is probably not much weight difference between the atec maxim and the SL5 but I prefer slim moderators so was comparing with the Utra Jet-z.

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