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Thread: Wanted, Fallow Buck trophy

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    Wanted, Fallow Buck trophy

    It's my birthday on the 18 October and am looking for a nice fallow buck.
    Not too expensive though :-)
    I live in Worcester but don't mind a bit of travelling.
    Thanks Phil

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    Wild or Park animal? What budget do you have?
    Cheers Sean

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    Hello Sean,
    I don't mind wild or park.
    I don't have a big budget. I'd like a nice trophy but not too big. I live in a normal 3 bed! ☺
    I'm new to stalking but have shot 1 hind.
    I have been quoted stalking without trophy fees but ya take your chances.
    What do you suggest?
    Thanks for your reply. Phil

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    You have probably missed out on trophies for this year with most stalkers as they tend to be well booked over the rut.
    Your best bet is to book a two to three stalks in succession so you have the best chance of seeing your buck.
    300-600, trophy fee for a good buck.
    I don't know anyone close but if your willing to travel you may have some luck.

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    I know a good friend with a park with some good repersentative/cull bucks available. Also bucks in the rut over stands in the forest. As Tru Craft said price wise you are looking between 350 and 500. There may be a chance of a sit for wild boar if there is any thing left in the piggy bank. pm me if you are intrested.
    Regards Sean

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