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Thread: .243 100g bullet & N160 recipes please

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    .243 100g bullet & N160 recipes please

    Good evening fellow site members. I have been unable to source IMR 4064 powder, so now have chosen to go down the N160 route.

    My question is, does anyone have any recipes for 100g hornady interlock, #2450 SP, and N160 powder that will be deer legal, if you would kindly provide the FPS as well I would be very grateful

    thank you in anticipation


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    Hi there

    Using N160 with 100grn Hornady interlocks I use 43grn with CCI 200 primers and a COL of 68.5mm. These chrono at 2700fps

    Normal reloading caveats apply.

    Hope that helps


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    Patrick have you looked here

    No one can really tell you what velocity you will achieve with any particular load out of your rifle, the best that they could give you is an educated guess using accepted data or a computer projection.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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