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Thread: Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk

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    Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk

    Is any body local to Rendlesham Forest???
    I hear that it is a good area to see & hear REDs during the rut.
    Can anyone tell me if they know of any good areas to watch them & when they might start.
    Many thanks

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    Rspb minsmere is close to there and have seen some serious rutting reds. You just need to park up and listen then have a wonder about. Not sure how many are left tho as im told they had a cull.

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    I have land right next to it, no reds on it. Dan71 is right, head to minsmere I know a stalker next to that an they are over run with reds.

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    glad i looked at this thread , i have a small patch out that way , think ill pop out in the morning to see if i cant shoot me a monster !!

    Discretion assured
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    Westleton Heath is where you want to go, on route to Dunwich from Westleton. Park up on the left hand side (Usually signposted as Red Deer Rut) and then walk back and across the Road through the gate and follow the stone track until it bends around to the right by a shingle pit and in front of you is the heath that backs onto RSPB Minsmere. There should be plenty of Deer to see from that point, but if not carry-on round to the right under the trees and they will be on the heathland there.

    Me and the missus go every year to watch, listen and take a few photos. Run by RSPB who will have some spotting scopes and binoculars there to use for free.

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