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    Clothing advise

    I'm after some clothes to use for deer stalking and walked up/ driven shooting on a syndicate.I've got some Jack Pyke stuff which is great for sitting in a hide all day but the second you have to walk or move to much they turn into boil in the bag clothes and your dripping wet.

    I've looked at a few well known brands (RiversWest, Deerhunter etc) and can't seem to make my mind up. I've got about 300-400 to spend on something decent (want to buy once and it last).

    What are your recommendations?

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    I've got river west smock ok if it's minus 5 but any thing else and you're gonna be wet through with sweat, waterproof though,
    ive had the same problem, tried Schoffal, harklia to mention a few, but settled on nomad, does what it says on the tin. I have the sallopets and the game shooter jacket, not cheap but it works for my game shooting & my stalking

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    Kammo field coat in green. Warm, breathable and waterproof. I have had mine for more than ten years and never let me wet. Get a hood too. The coat even has carrying straps built in so that, if its hot, you can carry it like a rucksack. Good features for stalking too. They also do a lighter weight series and I have one in their image camo but I think that has been discontinued.
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    Try Nomad website I've got them great gear. & very light wait .Atb

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    Of the brands you have described, you won't go wrong with deerhunter, they make very good clothing at a sensible price and you won't cook. Failing that, Harkila goretex would be my next choice. Personally I find my nomad falls into the same category as the rivers west and similar, they are warm if worn in all but the coolest weather and heat up with exertion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingsdeer View Post
    Try Nomad website I've got them great gear. & very light wait .Atb
    and you will sweat loads and the after sale service is totally crap he had a pair of trousers of mine that were faulty over a year as he would not exchange but send away for repair so i will never buy nomad again .

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    I could never buy one set of clothes for deer stalking, it varies to much depending on time of year and weather. Personally I only use membrane/gore tex clothing when the weather is on the rough side. As long as it`s pretty dry I prefer to use a cotton Lundhags pants with good ventilation, and a fleece or wool jacket, much more comfortable most of the time.

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    Great Question Tim
    Here are a few thoughts. You have a good budget and we would recommend a couple of option and not sure you need to spend all of it.
    To tackle a couple of Boil in the bag problems. Anything with a membrane will get sweaty if the conditions don't allow the vapour to escape quickly enough and it condenses. This is a big problem at this time of year as the humidity in the air reduces the osmosis effect, which is that the outside needs to be dryer than the inside. Think car windows before air con.
    For what you are doing, there are plenty of options. However if you are stalking, crawling you need a tough outer shell on both the Jacket and Trousers.
    100% Waterproof, windproof: Seetex Membrane: - Both Lightweight and autumn winter and spring with layering for colder days.
    Seeland Marsh is very tough and will come in around 280 for the set, depending on who you buy from. Marsh is a bit noisy though, so if you need silent, Seeland Exeter advantage has just arrived. Exeter Advantage is new and is alot quieter than Marsh, but tougher than its cousin Keeper. The trousers on each of these have the same welly flap feature. Price about the same at Marsh
    We have had customers at the store, beating in both Marsh and Keeper trousers and have been really chuffed with performance. However you will get some snagging on the facecloth if you do bramble scrub etc. We recommend using a Creiff overtrouser or tregging for this kind of Beating though as you don't want to puncture the membrane to much.
    Get a pair of non waterproof trousers for dry days and use with the Jacket. Harkila Ultimate Trouser, around 140 ish will be tough trousers, and lighter alternatives would be Harkila Trail at around 120.
    You could also get a tough pair of Carhartt Workwear EB136 double front logger trousers in cotton canvas, moss green and these would work really well too for rough shooting.
    If you want to give us a call we can send you both Seeland and Harkila Catalogues or have a browse online to see various options.
    All the best

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    ive got a stoney point smock type jacket (bush shirt i think its called) and i cant rate it enough and it has a 5 year warrenty all for about 120

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