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Thread: Hints and tips!

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    Hints and tips!

    Hey folks,

    one for the pistol shooters - any hints or tips for target shooting with a 9mm S.A?

    Is is it the same as a rifle wherby I should try different weight rounds etc? I have started with 115gr PMC bronze rounds for just now just to break in the gun and me and then I plan to reload (hence my other thread looking for tips on that)

    i have shot shot pistols quite a few times but it was usually just messing around with friends or rented guns, now I need to improve with my own gun and try to get better.

    theres a bowling pin shoot at the local club soon and I'm thinking of entering for a laugh!

    here's a few of the new addition for those that are interested -Attachment 47455Attachment 47456Attachment 47457Attachment 47458


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    Primary focus on the back of the front sight. Secondary focus on the alignment of the front sight exactly in the rear sight notch. Tertiary is the alignment of this sight picture on the target -which should be somewhat fuzzy. Grip with your strong hand (right, if right handed) using the three fingers you have wrapped around the grip. Do not apply pressure with your thumb. Grip with these three fingers just until the sight begins to shake, then ease off until it stops. That is your grip tension with these three fingers. Left hand can be used for support but do not grip your strong hand with it. Simply rest the gun on the open hand. When you have the sharply focused and perfectly aligned sights on or at the fuzzy bulls eye, squeeze with the trigger finger. If the sight picture drifts off stop squeezing but do not release pressure. When your sights are on again begin squeezing again. Keep at it until the gun goes off. Keep looking at the sights and keeping them in perfect alignment all this time. Sigh alignment is more critical than the placement of the sight picture on the target. Don't shift your focus to the target. IF you do, you will miss.

    Then later, when all is done and you're proud of yourself for hitting the target, trade in that girly 9mm for a real gun. ~Muir
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    There is affair bit of technique and skill involved in shooting a pistol well. Have you thought about buying a good .22 semi auto which will be cheap to shoot and developing your skills with that first and then advancing on to larger calibres.
    Something like a Ruger number 1 bull barrel makes an excellent training pistol and because the grips are ambidextrous you will be able to shoot it with both the master and weak hand. They also have a reasonable set of adjustable sights. Way back in time when we were trusted with pistols in this wonderful country of ours the club that I belonged to at the time purchased two as training guns and never regretted it. The only thing wrong with these pistols is the fiddlyness of reassembly after occasional cleaning, there is a definite knack to it.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Has that stupid ban now been lifted then?
    Can I bring all my stuff back home now?
    This aint normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bavarianbrit View Post
    Has that stupid ban now been lifted then?
    Can I bring all my stuff back home now?
    This aint normal.
    Think he gone to America, lol

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    Yes he has relocated to the U.S. he just hasn't got around to updating his profile yet.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Should have bought a 45 for pins! Happy days.
    Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not using it in a fruit salad.

    Amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they never get it wrong.

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    As Muir says, sight alignment is the most critical but also trigger pull. Very easy to induce changes in sight alignment which with a short sight radius makes a big difference in point of impact. Shame we aren't trusted any more as pistol shooting can teach you a lot

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    Quote Originally Posted by gixer1 View Post
    Hey folks,

    one for the pistol shooters - any hints or tips for target shooting with a 9mm S.A?

    Is is it the same as a rifle wherby I should try different weight rounds etc?
    I don't have personal experience with the gun, that seems to be Beretta PX4 Storm? Although a review I browsed through said it has reasonable trigger, I'd say it's still in the service pistol category and isn't probably the easiest to learn pistol shooting.

    Dealing with ammunition is easier with pistols, since shooter is creating most of the POI diversion. Buy the bulk ammunition and try how it groups and functions. If you have a failure to feed or something, record it and also which magazine you were using. With some pistols, poor shooting technique can cause a lot of functioning errors (I suspect Beretta wouldn't be too fuzzy about it).

    As for the shooting technique (stance), I suggest you find out what disciplines you're going to shoot and choose the technique after that. For fast shooting, you need to do something useful with your weak hand (as opposed to just resting your gun on it). If there's a good shooter in your club, ask him to shoot YOUR gun in the discipline and then some advice in technique. While there's minor deviations (personal preference), a truly good shot will be able to adjust for different gun and still shoot better than average.

    A 22 pistol would be good to learn/train trigger control, sight alignment and target acquisition. Just don't use it for fast shooting (multiple shots), until you've learned to shoot fast with a gun that has more recoil. It could be very counterproductive.

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    Hi there are a few stances within pistol shooting from the weaver.cooper to the isosceles triangle and more, i shot ipsec /ukpsa/uspsa for years without being hands on its no point trying to tell you better to watch and learn ,one way is to watch one of Jerry's you tube vids on practical pistol, also holding the grip to tight will drop your aim after each shot look though the pistol not over it both eyes open if you are finding it hard paint tipx on the f/sight a small dot and two dots on the rear sight coping the wilson combat sights, then practice looking and matching you sight picture with your aim ,one way is to point as if to engage your target then close one eye and without dropping the pistol out of the aim then look at what you can see if this is't what you think you were to engage keep doing it ,think of you pistol as a pencil or laser what ever you point at is the place you need the bullet to hit ,be slow speed comes with time and muscle memory .pins need 135 fbhp or hydra shock light bullets wont lift the pin you need a small pill the will grab and expand for pins with my old 1911 carry gun i used black talon but i don't think you can get them in the uk any more ? don't know. there must be some of the old school ukpsa lads up your way try to find a club that has an old git sat in the corner holding his empty speed
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