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Thread: A night lamping Rabbits/foxes

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    A night lamping Rabbits/foxes

    I am looking for a night out lamping foxes and or rabbits for me and a friend (and of course I am willing and expect to pay for the pleasure) within and hour or hour and a half of west london, we can do any night but would really like to get out within the next 2 weeks...P.s I am an experienced shot with 20 years shotgun and rifle experience, insurance etc...

    Any help appreciated.
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    In my opinion a request by an unkown person will fall on deaf ears. I take lots of keen learners out and we both usually come away from the event with a memory of good sport and maybe even rid a farm of a fox or two.
    I'm sorry but an ask from two total strangers as you have done will probably not be a fruitful way to proceed.
    Go beat or help out on a shoot might be a good first step individually?
    Good luck!!

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    Apologies I should maybe have made my ad a little clearer I am not looking for land/Permission or a favour per se I am looking for some paid shooting. I expect to pay a reasonable fee and those who take me out will get a hand out, a few bob in their fist and my gratitude.

    I will amend the original ad to this end but thanks for the heads up red dot and all fair comments.

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    Tell us a little more about you and your friend I maybe able to help I'm in Surrey.

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