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Thread: Info on price

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    Info on price

    Hi guys dont know if this is the right place but thinking of selling my Swaro 8 x 50 great condition box etc any ideas on a price please tks

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    Is it scope or binos?lol

    Only joking - im guessing its the 8x50 scope? in tip top condition with box and paper work as long as it the hibacht model you should be looking in the range of 400-500ish probably the higher end of the range if body and lenses are mint.

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    Yes BIgBOab is spot on, I had one which I sold on here last year mint condition and after some time and price drops I got mid 400 for it.
    If it's illuminated ret it is worth more though.

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    Thanks guys

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    I forwarded a link to this to a guy who just missed an identical one I just sold so he may be in touch. Good luck with the sale and you should have no problems selling it as they're great scopes.

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    can you post some pictures?

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