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Thread: powder arrival

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    powder arrival

    Hooray got some powder at last .Has anybody else been having problems in sourcing powder and bullet heads come to that

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    Quote Originally Posted by black lion View Post
    Hooray got some powder at last .Has anybody else been having problems in sourcing powder and bullet heads come to that
    Did they deliver that powder to the rock you were living under or did you just crawl out from under it and drive to town? Everyone is experiencing shortages and have been for some time. Glad you got yours.~Muir

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    That's a bit strong Muir, after all the guy is still getting over the news that Mafeking has been relieved.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    no m8 just go to sporting supplies bloxwich ,they,ve got ramshot tac powder ,sierra bullets in stock.nige simpson at shepshed,s got vivutori <cant spell it >powder in.countryman of derby has alliant powders.welcome fellow ashby person.countryman also has bullets,emptys presses n components your within 30 miles of lotsa reloading supplies.norman clark at rugby big stocks there too atb

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    Well you wont want to try and guess what tub of powder I purchased last week. I was Vary pleased. Appears shipment has just arrived.


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    just arrived and sold out already im guessing ,i know some americansi panic monkeys on shotgun world have hoarded enough supplies to relive the alamo siege.theyre all convinced knee jerk obama,s going to ban everything due to pressure from the anti gun lobby .the quantitys of powder n shot and spare cases is eye muir will tell you they cant even get stuff as its on back order so use it wisely atb

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    Tegraviniouse hordingniuos combartiniouse.


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    I'm lucky down here in South Wales there is a small shop here that manages to get in vhitavouri powders and loads of Sierra heads with out fail. Recently baught 6tubs of n140 and 4tubs of n160. And he has more coming in.


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    Quote Originally Posted by The Colonel View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I have seven pounds of that stuff. Still haven't found a use for it for which it can't be replaced by a powder more available and delivering equal accuracy.~Muir

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