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Thread: F*****g Ticks!!

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    F*****g Ticks!!

    Have just come back from a 3 day trip in Mull and in that time I can honestly say I have seen and removed more ticks than I have done in over 30 combined years of stalking

    unbelievable numbers
    many of them are so small that barely show up until attached and causing an irritation

    I have pulled 20-30 of the area between my upper calf and lower thigh
    another 10-15 off my hip and the backs of my thighs

    I have not considered Rovince or other anti tick clothing but am now seriously looking into it

    my problem is that the prospect of either wearing another layer or not being able to open, remove or ventilate is going to cause more discomfort to me as I sweat buckets climbing up a 3000ft peak with a rifle etc. (I do appreciate the severity of the alternative of catching Lyme's disease)

    what are people wearing and how effective vs comfortable are they?
    From what I can see it is a barrier protection, i.e ticks cannot penetrate the material and any gap presents a break in the protection.
    am not aware of ticks penetrating any material when they can walk in through a waist band, cuff, collar, trouser leg, sock...

    am I missing something here?

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    I like how you've had time to remove ticks, but not time to email me an update on how the ***** bullets worked on stags in the 300 WM

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    Give Smidge a go, I find I get a lot less ticks when I use it.


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    Just smear your entire body with a thick coating of Vaseline.

    That should do the trick.

    Or engine oil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rake Aboot View Post
    Just smear your entire body with a thick coating of Vaseline.

    That should do the trick.

    Or engine oil.

    think I will take my chances or find an alternative...

    prospect of sliding my way up the hill smeared in vaseline makes me shudder!

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    I have bought some Permethrin spray which you spray onto your clothes from lifesystems 6.99 for a spray can. It is supposed to be good for 2 washes. I will try it out on the SD stalking week.
    Before any body cries out about safety of Permethrin, I know that it is an insecticide containing 0.49% Permethrin.It is used in aircraft sprays to kill insects. Next time a cabin crew comes by you spraying, especially long haul. I read some of the empty cans and that's the stuff.
    it certainly kills the insects including cockroaches, ( which are bl***y difficult to kill.

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    I was an absolute tick magnet until I bought the rovince shirt and trousers. In two years I have not had a tick while wearing them.

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    ...or bring a yellow labrador, they'll jump on him/her instead....

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    that toxic shizzle sounds just the trick.
    on my shopping list

    pulled two off my dick!!
    10" apart....
    most unpleasant
    not the kind of red swelling I was after!

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    And I bet it was soft

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