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Thread: Sako 75 thumbhole stock

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    Sako 75 thumbhole stock

    Looking for a thumbhole stock to fit my sako75 action that has a heavy barrel fitted,right hand,short action,6.5x47
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    try looking at the GRS , they are floating my boat at the moment for my 25 06 sako 75

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    i used a delux i got off this site i had it bedded and dressed to kill by anglo custom its the only wood stock i have , but then as i did't wish to damage it i trimmed my rubber one so it fits like a glove less slip and more grip and i don't mind the odd bash also on a 6.5x47 with a fat barrel

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    sorry for hijacking your thread but do you know do boyds do a stock for the sako 75

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    Parmoor gunstocks, based in yorkshire, good value and well made, ok to deal with too.

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    I fitted mine in a Mac' stock see here:-

    Not easy but worked out well.



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