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    My revier opened its hunting season last weekend which consisted of 2 short high seat sessions on Friday evening and Saturday morning. It began as it always does, when the hunters meet at a small lake beneath the forest where friendly exchanges are made over a small glass of white wine. This year everybody was in a hurry to get to their high seat as the Roebuck season was a washout and the rut came and went in a blink of an eye. The hunt master called our attention as we listened to the instructions. Suffice to say, Roe, Sika, Boar, Fox and Badger were the target species, but hinds with calves, does with kids were to be left alone as well as the leading sow.

    After the ceremony was over we drove to our seats and the game was on. I was very fortunate as 15 minutes into the hunt I spotted a young buck about 100m away and watched him for 10 minutes before deciding that he was a taker. He presented a shot at exactly 100m and when I pulled the trigger he dropped on the spot and fell down the hill making extraction all that bit easier. I heard a lot of shots and thought we were in for a bumper night but as luck would have it, there was a duck shoot going on, and sadly only one other fox was shot. I was very embarrassed as the same thing has happened for the last few years, with me being the lucky hunter. Back at the hut we dined on a venison casserole and drank the local wine, which was a delicious combination! Schnapps flowed and before I knew it, it was 1am.

    The alarm went off at 5.45 but I was already awake as I was sleeping in the forest under the stars. Remind me to take a warmer sleeping bag next year, as it was bloody freezing when I woke up. A couple of cups of coffee later and we drove to our high seats again. It was still very dark at 7am but with my scope on 4x I could see quite clearly. Until 8am it was very quiet but I was optimistic that something would present itself. Secretly I was hoping for a Sika Stag as I haven`t shot too many of those. So at 8.10 I was very happy to see the almost black coat of a young Sika Stag walk by about 120m away. He was moving with purpose but for some reason he stopped and I was able to get my crosshairs on him. A few seconds later he was on he ground and fell 50m down the hill. During the Gralloch, 8 Sika hinds ran passed me but I had no interest in shooting anymore.

    At nine the hunt was over and it was back to the hut for breakfast round 2. I was the last man back and I was shocked to see that only a Sika calf had been shot. The other hunters looked very happy for me bar one or two whom I think were green with envy! After lots of handshakes and Waidmannsheil, I had my first beer at 9.45. I was mortally embarrassed because for the third year in a row, I had shot more than my share. Fortunately for me, the Jagdmeister and the other revier members were delighted for me. I hope my luck continues as I love this reveir. Below is a picture of the buck. The Sika was only photographed after the gralloch and is not a great photo, so I wont post it.
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    Waidmannsheil Conor.

    Sounds des a great weekend hunting and socialising


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    Sound like a great weekend with good company. The respect shown for our quarry is all important and is obvious in this report. Sorry for my ignorance but what would "waidmannshiell" translate to. I have seen it used in several reports and posts and my curiosity is awakened.


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    Waidmanns Dank!

    It means hail to the hunter. It is used as a greeting and as a way of saying congratulations. The response back is Waidmanns Dank.

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    I trust that you wore a "suitable" hat


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    Waidmannsheil Conor


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    well done conor ,good to see your getting out and about.

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    shame to see there stunning coat on the change... well done i bet there was a few mutters under the breath lol

    lovely rifle

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