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Thread: idea's on a .308 mod?

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    idea's on a .308 mod?

    Hi guys, looking at buying a .308 what mod is best? Been looking at the s5? Opinion on this mod? Or an atec?


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    The SL5 tames my .308 nicely and looks like it will last forever with no pissing about stripping to clean it, my only criticism is the heat it produces after shooting although I guess this is a sign of efficiency. The heat haze is insane after a only couple of shots and so I have had to buy a cover for the moderator which I still haven't tested.

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    Hardy Gen 4 mod for me, have one on my 308. I had an S5 but just too much weight on the end of the barrel.
    I also have an Atec Maxim on my 6.5x55. Just prefer the Hardy as less weight on the end of my 24" barrelled Sako 85.


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    I have Northstars on .308 and .270. Chunky but functional!

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    The hardy gen2 for me on the 6.5x47 . its as effective as most are but its the lightness i like. I will be getting another soon for the .308 after i'v sold the t8 14x1

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    SL5 is a good choice IMO

    i dont notice its on mine to be honest

    the SL5 is lighter than the older S5 if you have been offered one

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    Whomever you favour re. suppressors I found that "after sales" is just as important and some makers leave a lot to be desired/ I have had my fingers burnt

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    Very light.

    Extremely cheap.

    No need to worry about FAC variations.

    Do not rust.

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    You made me laugh! So true. Just bought a rifle with a massive mod on it took it off and the rifle is beautifully balanced. Hardy's are small and light but I may just go with earplugs too and ditch the mod

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    If got wildcats on all my rifles. Not the lightest but can't recomend them enough.


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