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    I am in the market for some shooting sticks but with that many on the market I am sure some are better than others , 2 leg, 3 leg even 4 . Can anyone reccommend some decent ones to save me buying twice .
    Thanks Brian

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    Stoney Point-buy no other, just depends on either two or 3 legs.

    2 legs are quicker to deploy, however not as stable as the 3 leg version, they are expensive but the best on the market, after having trashed 2 sets of Bushware cheep ones pers season for the last few years-I now splashed out & am pleased with the 2 leg SP'S.

    Regs Lee

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    What's wrong with a couple of hazel sticks with some inner tube round them,I have had bought sticks and lost them(who knows where?)but,if you leave a set of hazels in the field it doesn't matter.............

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    Its very easy to make a set for under 10 three garden canes from B&Q the metal ones with the plastic coating about six foot long drill hole in two of them 6 inches from the top, cut six inches from the top of the third one drill two holes in this one at the top about inch apart get strip of leather approx. a little over two inches long bolt one end of this to the cane you have drilled the two holes in drill hole in the other end of the leather and bolt through the holes you made in the first two canes you now have a set of shooting sticks, when using them put the single cane to the front this makes them very stable, unlike bought sticks where you can adjust leg length, these you alter by the distance you put the legs apart you can set them up for anything from a kneeling or sitting shot to a standing shot, I rap each leg with insulating tape about six inches up from the bottom this stops them from rattling when you are stalking.

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    Hazel sticks are what i use i have tried all the others there not half as good as the natural feel of two bits of hazel.

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    As mentioned by `bogtrotter` 3 B&Q green , plastic coated metal canes , with one cut short and capped with a bit of plastic etc. to protect the rifle forend .
    All three held together by a round rubber Hoover belt doubled up.
    Put a glove or rifle sling between sticks and forend .


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    Another vote for the stoney point sticks. I have the bi-pod sticks and they have served me well for over 10 years. I also have the B&Q plastic canes and they are good but the bi-pod it quicker deployed and you can also use it sitting,kneeling or standing as they are telescopic.


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    Another vote for stoney point bipod,get the 3 section legged ones,quick to deploy and can be used sitting to standing and make a good strong walking stick as well,wouldn't be without mine,got them from BDS about 60 i think but worth every penny.

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    Another vote for the b&q sticks, cheap as chips & work a treat


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    stoney point 3 legs for me. Can be used sitting or standing very quickly. Very stable and strong. Worth stripping them down and putting a bit of oil on the screw threads after a year or 2 tho. I'm sure plastic coated canes are very fulfilling for those that use them but having 3 independantly adjustable legs and a flat shooting support on top works for me.

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