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Thread: Big cats Edinburgh and lothians

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    Big cats Edinburgh and lothians

    Sort of carried over from the muntie thread has any one heard off or seen any big cats , was shown pictures of dead sheep by a Shepard up back of kirknewton area don't know what kind of damage a big cat would do but something had attacked these sheep 6 of them dead, bite marks around the heads and I'm now lamping with my 308.

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    leopards bite around the head as do lions,ope you,ve got someone watching your back and front for that matter

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    Might be vampires?
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    now we got lots of them at work,but round here their main quarry seems to be carp lakes ,rather than sheeps.and occasionally they leave their lines running dowe the river complete with lotsa barbed hooks.

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    ive seen a big pussy once but that was ages ago,she goes bingo now,!

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    There everywhere around here, ive just put in a variation for a cattling gun, saw this one the other day Attachment 47508

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    There was an article in the daily record or the sun a couple of years ago about a big cat up in kirknewton attacking sheep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarovski View Post
    There everywhere around here, ive just put in a variation for a gattling gun, saw this one the other day Attachment 47508
    Hope there's plenty of space in your cabinet!
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    Came across this to the South West of you!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20140423_073011.jpg 
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    Maybe they have crossed the M74?
    Out of season too!

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