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Thread: Ammo Prices Killing Shooting?

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    Ammo Prices Killing Shooting?

    Most noticeably on the range and in competition is the way I see it.

    Crazy prices and set to do to the keen rifleman what the 5 pint has done to the local pub?? That's assuming you still have one.

    There is always the air rifle I guess.


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    Yep, 42.50 for 20x 130 grain Norma 270SP the other day. Funnily enough I just picked up an air rifle the other day for a bit of freehand practice shooting, can't beat it.

    Was recently in the US and the same ammunition over there is $27 which is about 16.80 and I don't think they can blame the difference on the UK tax system, just we're used to being bent over.
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    Glad I don't live where it's 5/pint. Reloading is the way to go, working on the coperative system if need be. Like any hobby, if you want to shoot you will find a way.

    Couldn't agree more on the English trading system, ripped off at every opportunity, and not usually by the end trader, it's the predators nibbling away around the edges, business rates, VAT, water rates, waste disposal, licences for this and that. Having said that, several years ago Triumph motorcycles shipped to the USA and then re-impoted were cheaper than UK bikes.

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    I use Federal Powershock for deer but this year due to the rise in price/ lack of availability , and other than a couple of rounds for check zero, I've been using hand loaded fmj for practice

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    I shoot S&B in .308 on the range They are cheaper than hand loading. For recreational Stalkers whats 2-3 pounds a shot to shoot a deer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jagare View Post
    For recreational Stalkers whats 2-3 pounds a shot to shoot a deer.
    I agree, not much, but we occasional stalkers need to practice to make those rare occasion count, and using factory ammunition, you're looking at 30-50 for a couple of stalker tests on the range... Now that said, I'm now loading FMJs for this purpose myself and if you take into account that the case are probably good for 5 uses (perhaps more), you're looking at ~0.80-0.90 a round. The stalking rounds may be more expensive but if I'm only using a dozen a year, it doesn't matter. As I said, it's the practice that can mount up.

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    I practice by dry firing and with the .22 rimfire, I'm not sure about reloading saving money, it's certainly much cheaper per round but I use far more ammunition up testing different loads.

    atb Tim

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    I had to purchase some factory 7mm Rem mag the other day and when it came to paying I almost passed out, it wasn't far off what I'm paying somebody to load for me with Barnes. I haggled with the guy and he showed me what he was paying for it, it's definitely not the shops making huge profits!

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    I have started using PPU 150 gr .308 and 100gr .243. For deer. They are 65 per 100. I still reload for fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flyer4u0 View Post
    I have started using PPU 150 gr .308 and 100gr .243. For deer. They are 65 per 100. I still reload for fun.
    Same here mate and had no problems with either yet, but some people say they have had issues with expansion! My local gunshop gives 10% discount for being in BASC so with that 200 PPU rounds cost me 88!! Bargain!!
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