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Thread: Hospital Car Parks .. Robbin B******S

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    Hospital Car Parks .. Robbin B******S

    Just been to Pinderfields General Hospital in West Yorkshire for a check up on prostrate etc parked for 37mins according to ticket machine 3.80 over 10.25p per min

    Is this an acceptable amount or does anyone else feel like me that were being ripped off , robbed, and literally having the proverbial p*** taken at every single opportunity by authorities who can ?

    End of rant !


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    I agree ! Over 3 for 15min in Edinburgh. Flew down south on Tuesday back on Wednesday and 70 at the airport car park !!!

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    Mungo; take a taxi to the Royal in Edinburgh. The parking for our last birth was nearly 40!

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    What someone from Yorkshire complaining about having to part with cash, I DON'T BELIEVE IT!

    Seriously though you are right total rip off, last time I was in (regular occurrence for me these days they had attendants going round checking cars were parked properly in their boxes , fair enough maybe if you were taking up two spaces, but anybody who's car was not completely in the box, those with a wheel straddling or even just touching the line were getting a ticket.

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    NHS free at the point of delivery!

    What ever you do don't let your relatives grow old, you'll need a second mortgage.

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    Also free in Scotland --EXCEPT Edinburgh RI and Glasgow RI -- Thanks to Tony Blair,s PFI schemes.

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    and Ninewells.

    All the privately-run ones still charge in Scotland.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pete700 View Post
    Also free in Scotland --EXCEPT Edinburgh RI and Glasgow RI -- Thanks to Tony Blair,s PFI schemes.

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    I've been ticketed in a hospital twice and got it waived twice. First time was when I parked and paid for a couple of hours and then waited nearly 4 hours for my appointment. Second was when I was unable to find a space after driving round and round for half an hour.... so bumped the truck up onto the grass in a quiet corner!

    Both times I spoke to the receptionist and asked her what costs the NHS more, badly parked truck or missed appointments? She agree and had the parking people cancel it there and then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xavierdoc View Post
    Free in Wales...
    Not entirely true! They did try to charge and even send out parking tickets but some kind soul took them to court on this which made them shelve their plans.

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