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Thread: Squeaky Boots

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    Squeaky Boots

    Morning all

    This has probably been covered before but I can't find any threads to it...

    Do any of you have any tips on how I can stop my Dovre extreme boots from squeaking please?

    They drove over me nuts lastnight whilst lamping!!!

    Thanks in advance

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    Sorry...I take it back. I've found what I'm looking for. Cheers

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    do share the answer then... Hoggs leather balm works for external squeaks

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    Dump them in a bath of hot water for 30 minutes. Don boots over a thick pair of socks and go for a 2-hour yomp.

    Allow to dry slowly. Apply your preferred proofing.

    Two jobs done in one.

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    Plenty of Meindl sport wax between the "flappy" lacehook and the body of the boot

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    I had one squeak ! Meindl replaced the boots

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    Well... If they continue to squeak, I shall be contacting Meindl for an explanation or suggestion to fix their boots!
    But...what I DID find here on the forum were several suggestions on how to fix the problem. Main one being to use the Meindl Sportswax, quite liberally under the eyelets and the area between the tongue and the contact points. Others were to use WD40 but warned that can eat into the stitching so don't think I'll try that one. Vaseline was mentioned. And lastly was using plenty of dubbing. They aren't overly new but not worn them a great deal and so still very stiff.
    I've ordered some Sportswax so I'll give them a copious covering and see how that works.
    I'll let you know how things go. Thanks for your input everyone.

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    Just keep looking for mr fox

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