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Thread: dsc2 assessment centres

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    dsc2 assessment centres

    This may have been asked before, so apologies...

    Which of the DSC2 assessment centres is the most efficient?

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    all do their best, but centres rely on other people like EV's which can hold up the process. Every centre gets the odd problem when say their IV the EV are on holiday then wait a bit before sitting down to sort out their stuff!

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    If I remember right you are/were at Barony? Am I right in thinking that's part of SRUC? How would you rate them simply from an administrative perspective?

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    pretty good in fairness, what makes life easier is Debbie or Rach are usually at the end of the phone if you need them and we always know where the paperwork is whether its a dsc1 set or a dsc2 portfolio

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    Horses for courses really, BASC is good ,also BDS. . .I've never personally dealt with SRUC but heard good things about them as well.

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