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Thread: Holts Auction

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    Holts Auction

    Found this on Holts Auction if anyone's interested

    Page 11 of 23 has some nice cheap rifles


    Sale A1038 Lot 127 - 25 Mar 2010 10:30 Lot DetailSale InfoEnquiryBid & TrackSWAROVSKI A LEATHER BOUND 30 X 75 SPOTTING SCOPEŁ300 - 500Main Sale - March 2010
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    Lot 1036 looks useful for the doe cull.

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    My works laptop 3G card and firewalls/security wont let me look at Holts!!! Yet i'm on here - very strange! If its on line can someone copy and paste onto this post ?

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    I have seen a couple of cracking Rugers, one as new and a brand new one for very little dosh, was going to have a bid but seen something really nice and going o give my mate a buzz who works there for the full SP before having a bid.

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    I pop into most of the Holts auctions and am still surprised at some of the high prices people pay for the good rifles and guns..mainly guns. Perhaps it is pressure from overseas buyers. At the back of the viewing room there is usually a lot of crap and knackered old guns and rifles, but most of the juicy bits get nabbed. The good stuff usually goes for far higher than the estimates and I think the estimates are deliberately low to attract interest. Then potential buyers and bid competition does the rest.

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