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    Who on here has experience of working one? I am thinking of buying one for my Deer work and have considered them and Bavarians.

    Does anyone know of any good litters available this year? or breeders?

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    I had one, over 15 years ago, came from Bavaria. They are great wee dogs if you are mainly up a high seat, as I was then (often with clients) and took them up with me. They track well but only as good as my next dog - a GWP which could also pull down a wounded deer and double up for rough shooting. I got an offer from a German client I couldn't refuse. I'll ask around but only a few good strains in the UK.

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    I see Darswed Teckels has some pups born in Feb. No idea of their quality but they look ok from the photos of them working?

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    A German stalking friend living in S. Ireland had a wire-haired Teckle called Vasti .
    He was a masterpiece in finding those Sika which had scampered off to die somewhere when shot with the .22cf rifles which were obligatory there at that time.
    Because of his short legs and the heather he must have had the shiniest nuts in Wicklow .
    However HE was the `mutts nuts` and master-class when his services were needed .


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    HWH, thanks for that, very amusing

    NickJ and Doghound, thanks for your replies. I will check out that website and start asking around a bit more.


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    Don't know if it's any good but I was looking into getting a Teckel in the future, emailed this couple here is the link to their web page.
    If you go on the hunting page and click on the link tells you about the guys background and about the dogs.
    Hope it may be of some use to you.

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    Hi Sako,
    If you want to have a look at our site, we have a litter of pups at the minute , there may be a dog or a bitch available, as I haven't decided what to keep back for myself.
    If it's of any interest to yourself, just give us a ring.

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    Ok, thank you.
    Ideally looking for a bitch, as my other dogs are bitches.
    Please let me know if you have one available and I'll give it serious thought.

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