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Thread: Cooper Phoenix 223

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    Cooper Phoenix 223

    Probably a long shot but anyone out there got a Cooper Phoenix in 223 that they may consider parting with.


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    you looked on fox firearms website

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    Looked but not impressed with a sole importer/supplier who seems to stock nothing for the rifles they sell.
    A real shame as the rifles are first class.
    Not in any real rush, as I have one in 22BR and the 223 was to be a dedicated NV set up. Thinking now that it may be too nice, so may look for something along the lines of a 595 or Rem 700.
    That said, if another Phoenix did come up, I would probably have it


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    deerless-AFAIK- there isnt one in the countrey.i have a pheonix in 17fb that Fox firearms ordered for me it took 7months to get here .cooper rifles are built to order hence foxy wont have any in stock.also Brians stock list is probably not up to date as he has had health problems and has just got back on his feet.

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    Garys fireball is for sale that would be great with nv on

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    Seen a few for sale in the US on Gun broker for around $1850. With the current exchange rate it may be advantageous to buy a new one. I know a dealer here who could help and get it imported for you to the uk.

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