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Thread: Sendero Stock

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    Sendero Stock

    a mate of mine has a Rem 700 sendero stock spare as he has put his and barrel action into an AI chassis.
    I am thinking of buying it and putting an action into it.

    Will any Varmint bdl/adl fit or would I have to look for a particular gun to fit in nicely.


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    Pretty much any Remington 700 action (so long as its the same action length (short or long) will fit.

    Provided the action hasn't had a side release fitted

    There may be a minor issue if the particular rifle has an oversize recoil lug - rebarrelled and the lug is larger than the inlet in the stock - again an easy fix.

    Barrel profiles - the sender stock will accommodate pretty much any "normal" sporting / vermin barrel diameter with ease.

    The stocks on this rifle are / were manufactured by either Bell and Carlson or HS precision.

    The B&C have a slightly smoother finish but are just as good as the HSP.

    The stock will only accept BDL or HSP bottom metal - if you have an ADL rifle you'll need to find bottom metal.

    they will also take aftermarket bottom metal - such as to fit or use AICS mags, but they require some machining to do so.

    They're very durable and solid stocks, the only issue I have with them is the lack of adjustable cheek piece - again an easy fix with a Hunters of England rear comb riser .

    Hope that helps.

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    Excellent reply thank you


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