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Thread: Wanted - High Seats

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    Wanted - High Seats

    Looking for a couple of high seats. Willing to travel a bit from central Scotland.

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    Got two timber ones in central scotland. pm if interested. one one season the other new

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gazza View Post
    Looking for a couple of high seats. Willing to travel a bit from central Scotland.
    Therre's a couple I know about but would it not be better to buy them?

    Sorry Gazza couldn't resist

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    I have a unused 360 swivel high seat if you are interested pm me

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    PM sent ... location South Lanarkshire / Ayrshire

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    Yes could have worded it better but I knew what I meant. LOL
    Many thanks for the responses Pm Sent to tommy q, Jimbo and I will phone you Scotsgun tomorrow evening if OK.
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    To answer a question a couple have asked re transportation of the highseats. The full kit was tied to a wheelbarrow and barrowed the half mile down the road before being carried into the wood. Everything was here including the scews, and the powerdrills

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    The new seat. It is a double seat with double side entry. Shooting rail also raised,

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    Thats the dogs Kahoona's

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    Gazza, I have a friend in Fife who makes them the only trouble is probably to late for this year he is a blacksmith to trade but now works on a farm so will be starting to get busy he makes them in the winter supplys them to the trade but you would get a better deal , dealing with him direct will make them to your spec. double, single, free standing. or what ever price would depend on spec. and would it would be best to talk to him yourself, so if your still in the market for any next winter pm me and I will
    give you his telephone number.

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