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Thread: just joined the stalking directory

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    just joined the stalking directory

    Hello All.
    I have decided to join this diretory as I need to broaden my outlook on shooting.I have been involved with shooting for quite some considerable time,This has covered areas such as driven game, clay target shooting and rifle shooting.
    I now wish to shoot boar and deer,although I have very little interest in trophy style shooting.
    I also want to shoot geese, but do not want to have to crawl through mud like some middle aged rambo !.
    I am new to social media web sites, so if any one does respond, please be patient, I will answer replys.
    best regards.

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    you're welcome here! Good luck with Boar you'll need a decent calibre....

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    Welcome Steven. The only way you should shoot real geese is by" crawling about in the mud".Get yourself in one of your local Wildfowling clubs,you could'nt be in a better county in England and learn the game. You might even like being a middle aged Rambo.Wf1

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    Hello and welcome. Hope you enjoy the site.


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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