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Thread: Boyds stock weight?

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    Boyds stock weight?

    I was wondering how heavy a boyds laminate stock is in difference to my Brno ZKK which is very heavy. Are the stocks lightweight or heavy?

    Personally I think a X-bolt Hunter and Tikka t3 hunter are lightweight wood rifles. What is the comparison of these to a boyds stock?

    And is the thumbhole stucks a lot lighter than the normal classic stocks?


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    Have you checked their website ?
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Just looked up my Tikka T3 stock featherweight thumbhole and it says 2.3-2.5lbs, the prairie hunter is 2.8lbs

    i remember expecting it to be heavier and then being surprised at how light it felt.

    im pretty sure they lost all the weights on their website.

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    Example page from their website...

    Boyds: Boyds Classic
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Okay thanks. The Classic says 2,8lbs and the thumbhole says 2,5-2,8lbs. Not much difference there.

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    My recent Boyds FT Thumbhole weighed around 3/4lb more than quoted on their website. I didn't mind as its a truck gum but it could be a problem for a carry gun.

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