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Thread: What to do with odd .243 ammo?

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    What to do with odd .243 ammo?

    What have others done with their odd amounts of ammo left over after buying different brands while deciding what their rifle shoots well?

    I've got a number of boxes of 10 or so (some closer to full boxes) rounds of .243 that I don't need and are just taking up spaace in my cabinet now I've settled on Hornaday SSTs.

    Ideally I think someone with a new 243 would benefit as they could try a number of weights and brands without having to buy full boxes just to find out they don't shoot that well in their rifle.

    I'd ideally like to swap them for something as there is a fair bit of cash tied up in them but they're no use to me so would rather they went to someone who could use them, so WHY?

    Obviously due to cost collection only.

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    Yes if somebody can take them off you that would be great, indeed there is a place in the market for doing mixed boxes of ammo for trial purposes.

    I suspect though they all shoot reasonably well in your rifle so I would get a bunch of clay pigeons and milk cartons full of water etc, lay them out at odd distances and have some fun / gain valuable experience. Shoot them off hand, off sticks, take rapid follow up shots etc. this will get you well attuned to your rifle and your capabilities.

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    Yeah thats a good suggestion I suppose and most did shoot acceptably just not as accurate as I'd like and more or a confidance thing. If no one wants them then I will do that and have a day at the range.

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    good way of others to see what factory ammo they like at a lower cost, offer it up some one will have it off you who is also starting off.

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    its a shame you are not nearer as I would buy some off you as I am waiting on a .243 to be delivered

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    I was in the same situation and i had left 5 boxes of unwanted ammo,various brands and weights, but my RFD took it off my hands and gave me back 5 boxes of the right one

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    Due to a number of questions regarding what ammo I have I thought it easier to list it here. (Admin if you feel this is now a classified please move it to the right section)

    7 x PPU 90grain
    8 x Winchester Ballistic Silvertip 95grain
    10 x Winchester SP 95grain
    11 x Lapua SP 100grain

    It's not a massive selection but if you were to buy full boxes of these then it'd set you back 116.29 in Total. I'd rather swap/exchange them for something as I'm not really sure what they're money wise.

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    what i used to do with spare factory ammo was after i cleaned the barrel i would shoot two of them as foul ers
    then i knew my 1st shot on a deer would be dead on my zero

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