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    Fc Licence

    Well my shooting test is all past no problem now looking forward to starting my new stalking adventure with the FC as a licensed controller on one of this years blocks.

    Incidentally the ranger who did my test mentioned that the failure rate was relatively high, about one in seven! I think that no matter what the reasons for not being able to pass a DSC 1 test it doesn't look good for what are seen as amateur stalkers in the eyes of people like the fc and DI. I wonder how many of those who didn't pass practice before hand to remind themselves of the required positions etc? Or simply over confidence or nerves.

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    Nerves 100%. Should be the easy peasy but with "test anxiety" everything goes to s**t. Well certainly for me it does!

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    As with any test, I know a young lad that took his driving test 6 times, his nerves could not stand up to the job. It took the instructor having to sit with him to give him confidence.As for the ones that failed, inownothing, I bet in a different enviroment most would shoot as good as you.

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    I understand a lot fail for poor safety on the range. You are being assessed all of the time and not just on marksmanship

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