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Thread: seeland or ridgeline

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    seeland or ridgeline

    hi iam looking for a new jacket and trousers for deer stalking,pigeon shooting don't want camo. i want a jacket that is not to warm so can be worn when the weather is mild and more layers under when cold.The only jacket i have been able to try on was a seeland marsh it seemed like a good jacket but a little to heavy for mild weather looking to spend no more than 275 for jacket and trousers.
    thanks stephen

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    Seeland I have three of thier jackets and one ridgeline
    Keeper or beater jacket and trousers

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    I have a Ridge Line Mallard that is light water proof but not that breathable. I use it allot both summer and winter. Down side is few pockets .

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    have a look at the stoney point bush shirt i got mine from bushwear and its fantastic

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    got 3 ridgeline ,only one doesnt make u sweat like a peeg.the combat jacket has big vent zips under the arms so u can get places dry.the smocks well u might as well wear a binbag.about as breathable as a blowtorch.i now wear a mtp parka on the marsh as the smocks cost too much in sweat

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    New Seeland Eton Smock gets my vote

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    Seriously from experience I'd avoid seeland, can't comment on ridgline, etc but everything I've had seeland you sweat like hell, the trousers are really bad.

    I'd recommend deerhunter, reasonable trousers with breathability compared to others.

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    If you want something waterproof and more breathable than ridgeline on a budget, buy two rolls of cling film and wrap yourself tightly with several layers. Other more breathable fabrics include PVC and Rubber. I cant comment on Seeland, never worn it, but give that Ridgeline crap a wide berth.

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