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Thread: Creeside stalking

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    Creeside stalking

    anybody on here know anything about this company? wise investment or waste of money??

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    Been stalking with jim he's a bit quiet but some nice ground and shot deer with him ,one or two lads on here are in the syndicates I saw roe red and fallow .

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    i was out with him once or twice, last time i was out for fallow bucks saw plenty but every time one presented a shot i was told oh thats my breeding stock or that ones to big, 2 of the bucks i saw were perfect cull bucks. i would never go back

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    Quote Originally Posted by izzy View Post
    Jim was invited through a mutual friend to a keepers day on a prestigious shoot, stayed with the head keeper, was fed and watered had a good keepers day, where the bag was well over 300 birds. He promised a trophy fallow buck in return, for what he described as a brilliant day. Since then he has fobbed us of with excuses such as the fallow cast their antlers a month earlier than usual, it's raining today so a waste of time stalking in drizzle. We have since left it for him to invite us, we have stalking ground only 30 mins away from him, but haven't heard of him since.
    Not very gentlemanly of him.
    sounds like you gave him a great day, well worth a stalk at a buck!

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    where abouts do you stalk izzy? any good? any spare places available? pm me if you wish.

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    Done some of my level 2 with him ,was ok with me & seen plenty of deer .atb

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    Quote Originally Posted by homer View Post
    anybody on here know anything about this company? wise investment or waste of money??
    DON'T do it keep your money and go somewhere you will get a chance of a shot!

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    I was in the Rusko syndicate between 2011 and 2012. It was taken on through JW Stalking, but two permission letters came through the post, one from JW and one from James Mcerlean at Creeside Stalking. Needless to say I wasn't sure who we were actually dealing with! We took the lease on with the understanding that there were "X" number of highseats. Most if not all were rotten through and unfit for use or completely overgrown. I raised this with JW but nothing was done to help. The ground was very good with promise of red, roe and fallow, but surprisingly deer sightings were few and far between. One time we found a head shot roe dumped in a ditch beside the track. Quite a few dog and foot prints on the rides and tracks as well as several things didn't feel right, almost like there was something going on whilst we weren't there, even though we were told there was only one other syndicate member from down south. Needless to say I expect other SD members on here to say they were syndicate members during the same year! I know of other bits of ground which I suspect are part of the same setup which people I know have been members of, but it is not my place to comment on this although I know their suspicions were similar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingsdeer View Post
    Done some of my level 2 with him ,was ok with me & seen plenty of deer .atb
    And this is where I think part of the problem lies. The caveat that the owner/company retains a rifle in a permission to take on clients carrying out their DSC2. There may not be many syndicate members on a lease, but just how many times are clients taken out whilst the members are off the grounds? Land should be set aside if the intention is to take out DSC candidates on a regular basis, but I suspect it goes on all the time on some syndicated ground to the detriment of others.

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    Stay well clear that's all I can say ....

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