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Thread: General sporting conduct

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    General sporting conduct

    We have a wood just over our boundry in which they have started feeding heavily again, these folks dont put down a single bird but instead rely on us and a neighbouring shoot to supply them with birds f.o.c. They have now put feeders on all the boundry hedges is it me or is this just not cricket or is just desperation ? I had a bust up with the guy who owns the wood and he went and remonstrated with the boss as he thought it unfair that they only shot 2 pheasants and that i was wrong for constantley keeping the boundry dogged in !!! some people just want it always

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    We have the same problem. They put down a few ex. layers and then boast of shooting many more birds than put down at the end of the season. I'm not sure what you can do about it if the landowner is either the culprit or just could not care what's going on.
    I don't do it to any of the neighboring shoots and don't expect it to happen to me.
    I know of keepers past who would spray diesel into/onto the feeders if they came too close but that's criminal damage and possibly trespass and would not advocate it. Just keep dogging your birds away from their boundary and put good feed in yours even if it means spending money on special feeds in that area.
    You could always name and shame the culprits around the local area, there is nothing worse than getting a bad name in the shooting field. It may take some time but it will have an effect.
    How's your end of the gene pool today?

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    Someone I know had neighbors like that, feeders just over the boundary,he would almost empty the feeders , they thought they where pulling the birds , he was getting free wheat ,apparently they never did sus it.

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    The guy who feeds up the wood thinks that its fine to do that, he also has other woodlands between other shoots and does the same thing there. Its amazing to see him turn up with 9 guns and expect a bumper drive ! They where genuinley gutted with the end result and couldnt beleive why they never got no shooting

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    This is an age old problem especially where big shoots and small shoots co exist together .in my experience birds don't just travel one way .as long as a small shoot puts down the kinda numbers they expect to shoot with say a 40 % return a big shoot has nothing to worry about the fact the big shoot puts such large numbers down is not the little shoots problem .a small shoot will loose birds usually on the similar % as the big shoot some seasons are worse than others depending on a variety of things weather ,daddy long legs ,cropping Ect Ect .
    if however a small shoot is blatantly taking the pi$$ putting next to no birds down and dogging back next doors birds then that is not cricket .
    small shoots run by a p/ t keeper or syndicate of DIY guns are the back bone of game shooting in this country these days big estates and corporate days are not what they once were .The estate I stalk has dropped from 5 full time keepers to 2 in a handful of yrs .
    pheasants ,deer pigeons even foxs move usually sane people to do strange things and say strange things we should all stick together but humans being humans we usually find some way of falling out !

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    Not sure how long your boundary is but a shoot near me runs green scaffolding netting along one edge to try and prevent the birds straying onto a neighbours orchard as they love it there but the owner doesn't want them in his orchard.

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    norma i agree but this joker doesnt put any birds down and when it comes to sticking together how can we when these toerags seem to think its ok to take the p***.

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    Exactly 243 fallow if they take the pi$$'they arnt doing themselves any favours .ive seen it happen a couple of times .id say if they arnt prepared to invite you as a guest to shoot for the day they've something to hide ! I have had birds tagged turn up on my shoot god knows where they turned up from !
    I've personally lost some sleep,over this subject and it really won't stop the birds wandering I've spent a large amount of time today and many days trying to stop the ba$$$$$$$ds from buggering off .bring on the frosts !
    Keep the faith

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    If u can afford to i would be rabbit netting the boundry, possibly even put them 1 way gates in so birds can get back or kick some holes in low places/runs and have a pophole (i would also be emptying his hoppers too)

    I have 1 drive and a mini drive that is on near our boundry but i ony feed the very far side of the wood, i also have a pen fairly near so have to keep my birds dogged in to try and keep them on my ground.
    As norma says as long as the wee shoots are making an effort and putting a normal ammount for wot they expect to shoot.

    I have actually dogged my neighbours birs OFF my ground before (but to be fair his birds were older and i was scared they would find my pen and drag my birds onto his ground), and regularly text him or dog his back for him elsewhere on his shoot if i'm passing and see some of his on a boundry. Nice to be nice and he invites me to his keepers days, i'm usually at other days but its still nice to be invited

    U just got to hope that at sometime karma will come round and sort him out, the shooting community is very small and u cannae do that long term and get away wi it (althou some folk seem to manage)

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