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Thread: La Chameau Skadi GTX or Arran GTX

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    La Chameau Skadi GTX or Arran GTX

    Annybody using these boots ? Look nice, high protective rubber, softer then Meindl, ....... I don't like the stiff type boots like Meindl, .........

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    I've a pair of the Arran GTX+, which I got on the premise that they might fit my narrow feet better than the Meindls. They're definitely softer than the Meindls, but I didn't have them side-by-side so I can't really say if the fit is noticeably narrower or not. FWIW, the rand is some material other than rubber; not sure what it is.

    I've only been out in mine twice (on reasonably dry days), so waterproofness and longevity are still unknown. No break-in required, though. Comfortable out-of-the-box.

    Cheers, Jeff.

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    That's about what I look for. A boot that is comfy from day 1. Soft and flexible enough to drive te car, walking steps, etc.... from day 1. A type of boot where you hardly feel that you wear them. Height about 9" is perfect. Don't take to long to put on and off. The protctive rand seems to be the business. I just noticed that my Chiruca's ( Poi,ters) are completely gone. The soles fall into pieces. This after about 10/12 years of loyal service. German boots mostly are to stiff. My second choice would be Crispi or Diotto.

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