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Thread: S5 moderator problem

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    S5 moderator problem

    Put a S5 on my new 202 just B4 Xmas, last Monday shot 2 roe and 2 muntjac even tho it rained most of day, cleaned rifle, gave the mod shot of WD 40 because of possible water seppage. 2 hrs later after I had wiped it dry and sat on radiator, I noticed damp patch, wiped it, 1/2 hr later damp again. Turned out to be a tiny minute crack/hole in body, had to look at it with strong magnifying lens to see it. Jackson immediately gave me a returns no, however would a change to a Northstar be a better option, know its same mod with seperate expansion chamber, anyone had both and found differance. Had no problem in terms of noise levels etc, found it more handy than my T8, any thoughts, by the way, never saw any signs of leaks when fired just seepage from Wd40 when I cleaned it. deerwarden

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    Hi DW,

    Not tried both, but I use a Northstar on my 202. Excellent mod, I can certainly recommend one to you if your are thinking of going down that route!



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    I've got an S5 on my Sako 25-06 but never had a problem with it. In fact, having owned a number of different other makes (PES, T8) it's the best I've owned. Sounds like an unfortunate manufacturing problem.

    In terms of overall rifle lenght, I think the Northstar is about 15mm shorter than the s5 but it is a bit heavier. If one were so minded, you could work out whether this emant that the S5 or Northstar ballanced better on your particular rifle (or your could just try screwing both on if you didn't want to get out the calculator.

    Only other thing I've heard is that there might have been an issue with the rear bushings on the Northstar, but that was a random comment from someone whereas the several people that I know who use the Northstar rate it very highly.

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