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Thread: Suede boot protector and Wellies

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    Suede boot protector and Wellies

    Hi I no this has been done before so Apoligies but I can't find links in the search bar.

    Ive got le chameau suede boots, perfect alround condition apart from they are starting to leak water ever so slightly now, they are five years old and take quite a soaking to start letting water in.

    Whats best, mink oil, if so which one, or the silicone spray that nik wax do or something else.

    need Wellies not heard good things about le chameau ones so thinking about harkila as got a good discount voucher from uttings. Best the full side zips ones or the others where strap at the back.
    my only concern with the full zip ones are the zips incase they give up quickly etc.

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    Given the age of your boots I would consider treating them with either Grangers G wax or Snoseal, although neither are designed for suede they should help stop any water ingress . Another option is just get a pair of sealskin or gore tex socks?

    I have a pair of the full zipped Harkila wellie sand they are outstanding. The zips are excellent quality and they should not pose any problems. Far warmer than Le Chameau and really good grippy soles. I got a great deal on mine from Montrose Guns & Tackle.

    Kind regards


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    Hoggs of Fife wax is cracking stuff and it costs peanuts.

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    Cheers, many opinions for leather but not suede treating. I prefer suede for many reasons?......
    Seems like le chameau going cheaper option

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