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    Where bouts are you guys buying yer country style check shirts?

    Also..... Fabric.... Seen them 100% Colton, or 65% polyester 35% cotton
    Any advantages / disadvantages to either .... I'm not up on fabrics


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    Rydale clothing and a few others at the game fairs for me , cheap and cheerful i know

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    Remember the old off shore sailors saying " cotton kills" when its wet it act like a refrigerator and draws heat from body to evaporate. However nice when you are in the summer but deadly when the temperature drops. I would buy poly/cotton mix easier to wash and less likely to stain.Last and not least probably a lot cheaper .

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    I have a few tatersall shirts made by Champion. I bought the first one from a local country clothing store which is now closed but found that my local market sell them too. Theyt're less than a tenner, decent quality and they are a man made/cotton mix so are very forgiving should you get a bit of a sweat on trudging up a hill or a receive drenching. For the money I can thoroughly reccomend them.

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    Have a look at Craighoppers - they do a line of insect-repellent shirts.
    • Do not be seduced by the marketing-men....

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    Insect repellant ... Mmmm wonder how effective that is?
    I'm a fan of crag hoppers sola dry trousers for general work trousers & mooching in summer

    Found the poly mix tattersall shirts at john Norris for 9.99


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