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Thread: Gamekeeper's foxing kit.

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    Gamekeeper's foxing kit.

    Just wondering what most keepers use for foxing? Eg rifle set up/nv and sound moderators.

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    Best bit of kit is snares. Working 24/7, can be checked when going round your pens and if well placed will kill plenty. Next in the armoury is electric fencing. Again working 24/7 and very effective in keeping Charlie away from pens. Rifle wise I have killed fox with .17hmr, .22/250, 6.5x55, sound moderators - T8, wildcat, Saks. No NV just lightforce lamp and back of hand. Have lamped for years but still get a hit when a set of eyes light up.

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    good lamp, reliable mate, rifle, 4x4 (optional) and the ability to purse your lips to squeek

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    Quote Originally Posted by gr1ffer View Post
    good lamp, reliable mate, rifle, 4x4 (optional) and the ability to purse your lips to squeek
    +1 and a "gate bitch" can be a help.

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    I'm the local keeper's most effective foxing tool!

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    Lightforce 170 lamp. Tikka T3 in .243 with good clear scopes. Boom!! Sit down Charlie!

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    I think you will find a very large number of professional keepers fox shooting gear is not what you would expect. It is more often than not a well used rifle and a lamp. Unless you have a very generous employer few keepers that I know would spend thousands on NV and thermal. Maybe things have changed, but to the keeper fox shooting is not a sport it's a necessity. Just get the job done with whatever you have, rifle, shotgun, lamp and snares.

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    Knowledge and stealth much better than all the gear and no idea?

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