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Thread: At Least I Know I Can Walk Quietly

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    At Least I Know I Can Walk Quietly

    I decided I'd go out for a stalk this morning to see if I could either get a roe buck, or a muntjac to top up my dwindling reserve of venison.
    In one of the woods there's a clearing that very often has deer in it, so I decided to head for that first to maximise my chances. The track that leads to this clearing makes quite a sharp left turn right at the edge of it, and on that corner theres a big, thick blackthorn bush that effectively covers your approach, once you get to the bush you have good view into the clear area. This morning I was doing the softly softly catchee munty walk and as I got to the bush a muntjack buck stepped out onto the track in front of me. Literally, if I'd reached out I could have patted him on the head. Needless to say he spotted me instantly and he made good his escape at the speed of many elephant.
    I only saw a couple more deer after that, both roe does. Pretty soon it started to rain so I called it a day and left empty handed.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Or maybe the buck had forgotten to turn his hearing aids on ......?

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    He might have had a bad day with the missus and he was distracted...

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