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Thread: Walking or stalking boots

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    Walking or stalking boots

    I've had a look at a few threads here, and am in the market for some good boots. I plan to use them for beating regularly and hill walking. And, of course, stalking when I can go.

    I was looking at simply replacing my Brashers, which have lasted me six or so years and have been comfortable and fairly durable. But, should I be looking at stalking boots in particular?

    What makes a good boot into a good stalking boot?

    I've got my eye on Harkila 9" or 12", but I'm not sure I need the extra few inches.

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    Recently got a pair from British military surplus of extreme cold weather boots. Excellent and grade 1 issued appeared almost new

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    Quote Originally Posted by the scudd View Post
    stay clear of the harkila,s
    Why's that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Essexsussex View Post
    Recently got a pair from British military surplus of extreme cold weather boots. Excellent and grade 1 issued appeared almost new

    This is the best advice why? because these boots are far superior in every way to anything else at any price period...............

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    And even better when they are 35. I nearly spent 200 but folk on here saved me and I don't regret it at all. Can't think you could buy a much better pair except if they made the same with speed lacing instead of riveted eyelets

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    Get into a few shops an try on what you can get your hands on is a good start and see whats what.

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    If you are hill walking also have a look at Scarpa boots. I have the SL's, and they are supremely comfortable. I also use them for stalking in wet weather.
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    Not sure I want extreme cold weather boots... I usually run warm, but there are goretex ones (I can't link to them yet). That's certainly a good price (65 new or 35 grade 1).

    So, why *not* go with the well known Scandi boots? (I have a small case of kit lust at the moment ).

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