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Thread: z6i eyepiece covers

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    z6i eyepiece covers

    Can any members tell me what covers they are using on the eye piece end of their z6i scopes? I'm guessing the illumination switch prevents you using butler creeks and the like?


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    I used a standard B&C front cover and cut out a notch to fit around the illumination switch , works very well for myself .

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    Proper Swarovski covers. Expensive, but in relation to the price of the scope not so bad.

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    I have the Swarovski ones. Rather useless if you ask me. The fit on the eyepiece end is rather tenuous and there's no proper "click" when you close the cover. Catch it on your coat and it will open; worse it will come completely off. Given what they cost, Swaro have done a very poor job on these. They should be thinking about covers when they design the scope itself...

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