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Thread: Ammunition advice: 30-06 (grain, tip, make etc)

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    Ammunition advice: 30-06 (grain, tip, make etc)

    I have now purchased my 30-06 and am looking for some advice on ammo.

    My main quarry will be roe, red and Fox but I assume I don't want different loads for different beasts due to ballistics etc

    I'm thinking 150grain as a ' one size fits all'. Any comments?

    Also advice on manufacturer, tip-type etc would be useful.

    I also appreciate I'll have to have play and see what shoots best, but I've got to start somewhere!

    Thanks guys....

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    Hi there melgalvis I also use 30-06 cal and I use federal fusion for red roe sika and fox brilliant bullet tab the highlander

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    Hi melgalvis. What make of rifle did you get. I recently got a remington 783 and im using federal 150gr sp and shoots really well. Dont know if its an old wifes tale but was told if you get an American gun shoot American ammo......scott

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    Ps 15ograins

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    Hi chief. I got a 30-06 about 18 months ago, mainly for reds but i use it for fox and roe as well sometimes, purely for a change (my other day to day rifle is a .243). I shoot 125g Federal Factory soft point ammo which until recently i have been able to buy at Bushwear no problem. I find it relatively consistent and fair value (compared to ballistic tips etc).

    I only picked 125g over 150g because in my own little head i figured the drop was less. The fact is there is so little in it within my comfortbale kill range (up to 200 yards for deer, anything for mr fox!) - see the federal website. I also picked it because one of my favourite estates shoot 125g federal and they drop 100 odd reds per year.

    Supply of 125g accessible to me seems to have dried up recently but i can buy 150g federal soft points easily so i am going to buy a few boxes and switch to this weight for a year or so. I have researched and debated this with those more knowledgable than me and the consensus is wont make a difference to my stalking results.

    Some will argue that 150g is a big round for roe, but the only bad news is for the deer, i have shot plenty of roe with my 30-06 and never had a problem and quite frankly never bothered to think about the difference, they were all dead and to quote Tom Berenger "one shot, one kill".

    So enjoy your new 30-06 rifle, have some fun, perhaps try a couple of different types of ammo but i would keep an eye on availability with your local/preferred dealer and dont get too drawn into the minute performance. As we all know, rounds are not cheap so hopefully this chat saves you a few/gives you a starting point.

    Let me know how you get on, and i will do the same, i have 12 125g rounds left and on the hill a few times before the end of the season so will have to make a change soon!


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    The .30-06 is way "overkill" for the game you are hunting, so you don't need a 165-gr or 180-gr bullet.

    If you look at the ballistics of 150, 165, and 180-gr hunting bullets at typical MVs of 2900, 2800, and 2700 fps, they all shoot about the same at every range, out to 500 yards. You can find loads in all three weights which will shoot the same, just with more energy as the bullets get heavier. That is one of the beauties of the .30-06.

    Do you handload? You should. Then just get a vanilla bullet like the Sierra Pro Hunter or Hornady 150-gr flat base Interlock, and load them to 2,950 or 3,000 fps if you like, 2,650 for small deer, foxes, deer under 100 yards, etc.

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    Firstly guys, thanks for the help - there appears to be a general consensus on the Federal 150g sp, so I think i'll go with that...cheers

    Secondly, loving this site with access to good knowledge and advice - its awesome!!

    Scott; I also took the Remy 783 - how are you finding it?

    Willy; i'll keep you posted on my progress with 150's...and how they perform with me behind the trigger!

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    The joy of a 30-06 is really had when you reload.~Muir

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    reload 165g partitions for anything from fox through to the biggest red stags. very few 'do it all' loads in 06, but that's IMHO 'one'.

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    Willy; i'll keep you posted on my progress with 150's...and how they perform with me behind the trigger![/QUOTE]

    I just picked up my new supply of 150's today. Only 27 per box. Sorted for a year or 2.

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