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Thread: Lightest single shot design

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    Lightest single shot design

    I am really interested in a single shot rifle but was slightly disappointed when I got my hands on a Ruger no1
    it weighed a ton!
    just looked it up...
    8.5 lbs for the varmint edition (which this was)
    7.25 lbs for even the "light sporter"!

    thats without scope or anything like a sling/studs etc

    It is not a design area I know well but....
    surely removing bolts and large actions should reduce weight considerably.
    the Browning Low Wall looks light at 6.5 lbs

    what else is there?

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    As far as I can tell, the true single shots are largely nostalgia traps. If you're determined to throw away the convenience of a repeater, at least do the decent thing and get a combination gun...

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    Ruger No1A (if you can find a 1A in the UK) is about the lightest No1 your going to get & mine is in 204cal it comes in at around 6-1/4 lb .
    The lightest single shot rifle I have is a Baikal IZH 308 with a spare 222 & 410 Slug barrels The Rifle comes in at 5-3/4lb It's not the UK spec I brought mine in France as a handy truck gun , apart from spending a few hours working on the trigger it is surprisingly very accurate indeed ..

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    Mine is a Uberti 1885 Highwall in think a No1 weighs a tonne

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    Go and have a potter in Dicksons - they had a couple of lovely single shot 7x65rs in there a couple of weeks ago.

    Some of the Merkel, Ferlach, blaser and kreighoff Kiplaufs are 5 1/2 lbs unscoped.

    When I was last at the game fair, there was a European gunmakers stand and I looked at a very nice and petit falling block .222 on a Ruger no 1 type action, and about a year ago there was a very nice little 22 Hornet Daniel Fraser that was nt much over 4lbs, but felt beautifully balanced.

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    Following on from my previous post:

    the Daniel Fraser referred to above Full Details for Lot 1202 : Holts Auctioneers 4lbs 12oz
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    The 1885 Low Wall, with a tapered 24-inch barrel, in .223, .243, or 6.5x55 is a really nice rifle. It is solid, strong, accurate, and beautifully made and finished.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern View Post
    The 1885 Low Wall, with a tapered 24-inch barrel, in .223, .243, or 6.5x55 is a really nice rifle. It is solid, strong, accurate, and beautifully made and finished.
    I'm not sure I'd do Low Wall in 243 or 6.5x55.I have built several on High Walls, and Falling Block Works High Walls but left the Low Walls to lower pressure cartridges.~Muir

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    The Browning ( Miroku ) Low Walls seem to do well with the .243 and .260.

    My personal lust for a Low Wall is in .357 Magnum or .30-30 with open sights, tang peep sight, and crescent steel buttplate, but I doubt that would be what this hunter seeks.

    The 1885s and Ruger 1-A are a lot less expensive than the break action Merkel, Blaser and Heym, which are really light weight, accurate, and elegant.

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    I always fancied a Wickliffe Stinger and the Browning 78's with octagonal barrel were nice.


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