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    Blaser R8

    I recently bought a Blaser R8 as my main hunting rifle, here's a short overview of the rifle and my first range trip with it....

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    I can't believe that bird stole your rear bag.
    I have the same rifle in 223, 7x64, and 9.3. Amazing machine.

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    Wekas can be cheeky, you can't leave brightly coloured things lying around.

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    Nice video, good shooting NZ - Nail it down or the birdlife will nick it!

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    that bird needs a 6.5x55

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    Quote Originally Posted by 223 View Post
    that bird needs a 6.5x55
    He can't have mine.

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    Enjoy. I have the Professional in .223 and .308 with a Lawrence Precision moderator. Lovely kit. I'm trying to resist the Professional Success stock...

    I was meant to be heading down home to Hawkes Bay in March this year for my parents' wedding anniversary. I'd booked in some fly fishing and hunting. But then it all got cancelled as work got in the way
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