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Thread: Weihrauch HW35 question

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    Weihrauch HW35 question

    Does anyone here own or have any experience of the above? I have just had an old air rifle returned to me, and it's horrible to shoot, low power, noisy, twangy and inaccurate. It was the same when I bought it years ago! It's the old leather piston seal version. It's not in very good order, and I'm not going to do a full restoration job, just deal with the internals and maybe sand and re finish the stock, and keep it around as a "garden magpie" type gun. Has anyone done similar, and if so, what spring did you use? Any other internal mods/bits worth fitting. I'm going to give it a good degrease and lube, but aside from that I've never had an air rifle apart, so advice would be welcomed.

    Many thanks


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    HW35s have a reputation for being the smoothest spring powered air rifles about. Have nt shot one for years though, but do regularly shoot my old BSA airsporter that I was given in 1982. Have had that apart several times and pretty straightforward to do. I am sure there will a guide to stripping it on you tube.

    Spring powered air rifles need a good grease on the spring and this does smooth things up considerably. Saying that a springer is always going to be a mechanical machine that jumps and vibrates - it's in their nature. They are not going to feel like a 22rf, nor a pump up or a PCP air rifle.

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    Thanks for that. I've trawled the web, got it stripped, ordered some lube, and am just wondering where to go from here really. I'm not after great power or expecting too much really, but as it stands you need huge biceps to cock it, and it's more use as a club than a rifle. It looks like someone has fitted an ox spring which is square section, so I just want to smooth it out a bit really, and make it a pleasure to shoot. I seem to remember from my younger years that they were very nice guns in the day.

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    polish everything inside , re fit a normal mainspring and modern ptfe washer plus some modern lube and it should be fine?
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Cheers. I will get a weihrauch spring ordered. Was hoping to reuse the leather piston washer really, but if you think I need a conversion kit I'll get one too. What about spring guides. The original ok? Piston sleeve?

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    I had an HW35 years ago and did the same sort of rebuild but struggled to compress the spring to screw the trigger housing/receiver end back in without a dedicated compression tool/vice.

    Be very cautious when screwing the end off the receiver as the spring is under a lot of pressure even when not cocked.

    Also, the trigger must be 'cocked' in order to unscrew/screw in the receiver end. From memory, this can be done by pressing in the flat plate below the trigger housing with a screwdriver.

    Hope some of this helps!



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    I didnt think the HW35 used a leather piston?
    maybe wrong

    but whatever you do look after the leather with proper leather treatment

    you can fettle the twang with various devices too
    I forget what on that actual model but I rebuilt a Webley Mk3

    some judicious polishing, greasing, hide feeding etc in all the right places helped a treat

    as far as inaccuracies are concerned, its often the issue with using a springer and not being used to it
    unless there is something fundamental wrong with the barrel it should fire

    try it from a vice to eliminate the fleshy bit
    check the pellets are the correct size (may sound stupid but there are a lot of 5.5mm vs 5.56mm and similar variants floating around. If in doubt invest in some Bisley magnums!)

    no point restoring it if it truly doesnt shoot

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuck1 View Post
    Cheers. I will get a weihrauch spring ordered. Was hoping to reuse the leather piston washer really, but if you think I need a conversion kit I'll get one too. What about spring guides. The original ok? Piston sleeve?
    it all depends on the leather condition (if it's leather?) once it's cracked and perished it's useless
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Thanks chaps

    its a leather washer, I'm sat here looking at it. Stock advice seems to be to lubricate it with SM50 oil, and dry it off before reassembly. Moly grease round the sliding parts, and I've just acquired and fitted a new breech seal, as the old leather one had perished. I think I'll order a genuine HW35 spring, as from research, other makes seem to need coils cutting off, and then heating to collapse springs etc. sounds a bit technical for me, and I need to make sure I stay well within the law as I don't have a chrono.

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    The weihrauch owners forum is a wealth of knowledge on this sort of thing if you get stuck.

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