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Thread: Antler for thumbstick

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    Antler for thumbstick

    I've been asked to make a thumbstick for a 4-year-old, but haven't got any antler small enough for a suitable shaft. I'm after a Y shaped piece - from a small red, or possibly a sika, to fit on a stick just under 3/4 inch in diameter. Can anyone help, please ? PM me with details and a price if you can. Thank you.

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    I might have some pieces that will work at home, will check.

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    Give me a message if no luck


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    The kindness of members of this forum really is amazing ! I'm all fixed up, and could have been 4 times over. Thank you all.


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    Don't know if you have one near you but pets at home sell antler for dogs to chew I've had a few bits and pieces out of there.

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    Aye, and they bash small critters off the skip rather than seek vetinary help... FACT.

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    Never knew that's anyway they do antler and buffalo horn for chews some quite nice bits if you rummage about an I wouldn't buy fish from them got my daughter fish from them an the whole tank ended up with white spot , went back in a bit later and the tank she got her fish out off had a sign on it saying the fish were being treated and not for sale bit fnn late.

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