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Thread: Light trigger pulls

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    Light trigger pulls

    Both my rifles have a very crisp c31/2 to 4lb trigger pull, but also have a push forward set trigger, where the pull weight is much lower. I find that using the set trigger makes it more difficult to shoot well. I was taught to shoot by squeezing and squeezing the rifle firmly to control the recoil at the same time as squeezing the trigger. With a light trigger I find the rifle fires before I am ready and I cannot control the recoil and rifle jumps about. I also dislocated my left wrist (I shoot left handed) several years ago, and whilst I have plenty of control I don't have really fine sensitivity in my left fingers, especially when cold.

    Would welcome any body else's thoughts on the matter, especially those who use light trigger pulls. I suggest no right or wrong answer, just what works for you.

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    I have mine set at 1lb, never had issues with premature firing (no pun intended) or recoil if you hold the rifle firmly into your shoulder in the first place. the squeeze will naturally have you set the rifle into the shoulder and thus adopt a proper position, some people think a light pull means they can let the rifle rest almost natually like on a bench, not realising it will come jumping back at them. I think that's what you're referring to, but it's all about discipline in holding the rifle right in the first instance I think.

    I am actually building a rifle for running game and for very cold days on the hill which has a modern 2 stage trigger, for exactly that purpose, situations where a steady pre-planned prone position isn't always possible, and where more 'felt' control will benefit accuracy and reduce the risk of premature 'firing'. I will let you know in due course how working with both a very light and a medium weight 2 stage is working out for me :-)

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