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Thread: New brass

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    New brass

    Do you need to full length resize new brass? Or is it ready to load?
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    ready to load

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    I always resize all my new brass because I find the necks too tight and because of the differance in size i worry about the bullet stretching one side of the case more than the other.

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    ready to go well lapua is, fire form it in 50 rd batches then neck size and rotate all the 100 until you need A full resize if head space gets away a bit or you need replace it or the rifle . still on the same 100 lap .308 from two years ago.

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    Thanks gents, just checking, as t'interweb has conflicting opinions on the matter.
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    I'm with Paul o' ...Fireform then neck size & trim to length then full resize every 5-6 firings

    Be careful with "straight out of the box" though as sometimes the necks will be dented or distorted .....will visually check every one and if any look out of shape I'll neck size and use the expander ball to remove the dinks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deerstalker.308 View Post
    Do you need to full length resize new brass? Or is it ready to load?
    It depends and as the man on the spot only you can really tell. Do the cases chamber in your rifle? If they do, I would run a mandrel through the necks to take any dings out. I would then clean the cases and load them.

    For subsequent firings I would full length resize the cases.


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    I run ALL new brass through a neck sizing die
    more often than not the brass arrives loose
    necks get dinged

    takes seconds and guarantees I am not dragged a slight ding up the side of a bullet when seating it

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    You should always FL resize new brass.~Muir

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    Lapua and norma load straight up , anything else i always full size and trim especially if using winchester or remmington (in my opinion)

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