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Thread: drinks chiller help

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    drinks chiller help

    Hope this is in the right section? If not, maybe a mod will move it?

    I've just been given a nice drinks chiller which I'm hoping to use to hang a deer or two in. Only thing is, I was hoping to screw a hook through the top but, this particular model has a top mounted fan. Can anybody recommend a method for fixing a bar to both sides without drilling through the body? I'm not sure which adhesive might be suitable for the job.

    Thanks in anticipation....

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    Becareful if you drill holes into any of the body as the cooling pipes would run through some of the body.

    What is the inside of the chiller made of?

    You could use No Nails that may work, if you use a piece of would horizontally the whole length of the side on each side you would be able to hang the steel pipe from them.

    I have a safe which is bolted to the floor and has a one of those doors with the 6 bolts in it, like a bank safe door this weights a few kilos, and have used no nails and a piece of wood with a piece of rope to help me open the door if you understand what I mean. I would not be able to pick up the door with just the key if I did not use the above method.

    Hope that gives you an idea.

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    Frame inside
    dont pierce the fridge itself

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    +1 put a frame inside . dont drill or fix to the inside

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    +1 for make a frame.
    No drilling and easy to take frame out,put shelves back in and use as drink chiller or fridge again.

    See post #4 on this page...

    Fridge conversion for Roe
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I've converted a few fridges into fermenting/curing fridges and I've found that (in the few I've done) the pipes etc have always been in the rear of the fridge. I've drilled holes varying from 5mm to get bolts through to support hanging rails to holesawing 100mm holes for fans in the side walls. The way I approached it initially was to drill a test hole that just pierced through the inner skin of the fridge in the spot where I'd like to go all the way through with a hole for a bolt etc. Then, it's easy to push something through the insulation between the inner and outer skin to probe around and feel if there are any pipes in the way. Once you're happy there's no pipes/obstructions then drill straight through. It's really quite straightforward - just remember to use a silicon sealant to seal up afterwards. If you go down this route some shalllow slotted uni strut would make some perfect hanger rails as per the original picture in the link in private frasier's post.

    If you're very cautious then I'd concur on the internal frame rather than drilling, generally I don't think you'd get any adhesive up to the job of sticking a hanger in situ to support a deer. That said, I'd personally not have any worries abour drilling through the sides.

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    I have same type of fridge I made a stainless steel frame that slides inside and easily is removed when you want to fill it with your beer

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    Are there any holes in the side rails for the drink can shelving ?
    I just used those & old man welded up a stainless flatbar frame for sides , used existing shelf holes
    Click image for larger version. 

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