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Thread: Best steak yet

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    Best steak yet

    I have to say I've now confirmed my favourite cut of venison steak. I normally love the loin or backstraps either as venison en croute, or as medallions. Never fails to impress the guests.

    i also like the under fillets, quickly sizzled and eaten on the hoof in a ciabatta or something similar.

    but I've just had rump steak of fallow, for the second time in two weeks and it was just perfect!! Better than any beef sirloin, or equivalent lamb cut.

    i normally butcher my own deer to lazily produce 2 haunches, 2 loin and maybe one shoulder , and I don't often use the rest. But this time I got a butcher to do the biz and he presented the haunch in a couple of sections, but with the rump steak cut sliced separately. My haunch is one big bit, all or nothing so to speak.

    so, here's the question, which bit of the haunch do I do separately to get the rump steaks??

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    If you split the haunches bone in with a saw you want to be cutting just above the ball of the main leg bone. The rump is just the top of the haunch. Look up Team Wild Red Stag butchering and he shows you on it on of the better videos they have produced.

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    its the chump mate look up the breakdown of a lamb and its pretty similar to venison, you have the loin then the chump / rump then the haunch. depends how yyou break your deer down really

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    I'm still learning but take the haunch & one of the outer lines cut in to the bone & open the haunch by hand you then only need the knife for odd sticky bit but basically I "unravel " the haunch or open it up ..... You see all the muscle lines & can quickly split them into muscle group ... One o think is called faux fillet .... I need to learn them myself I'm unsure

    But if I can do it anyone can ... Quite easy to unravel it... Saying that this is on roe !!!!


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    I guess pics are best. Will try to look at video as suggested.on you tube, I hope?

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    Mike robinsons dvd does a bit on butchery on it, & he opens up the haunch and breaks it I to muscle groups , I need to re watch that .... If I could burn it I'd send a copy but unsure how to

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    Not the best but an idea


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    Watched the team wild 3rd video on you tube, and it seems you just cut across the top of the haunch To get the rump steaks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basil12 View Post
    Yeah like I said!
    yes, thanks for the heads up.

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